vintage silverplate flatware
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Besides your basic forks, spoons, and knives, Yesterwares also carries vintage serving
pieces such as tomato servers, pie & cake servers, demitasse spoons, and sugar shells. We
sometimes even have the much sought after, collectible sugar tongs, such as the set
displayed above.
Our philosophy is simple. We believe every person should be able to afford an elegant table
setting. With our mix-n-match silverplate flatware, no two dinners will ever be quite the same.
Vintage Cocktail Forks Vintage Sugar Tongs Vintage Gravy Ladle Vintage Pie Server
Welcome to Yesterwares
Yesterwares helps you set
today's beautiful table with
yesterday's elegant
silverplate flatware.
Now you can spice up
your table with our mix-n-
match silverplate flatware.
Whether you are having
Thanksgiving Dinner or
lunch on a lazy Saturday
afternoon, you can enjoy
some of the finest
silverplate from the late
19th or early 20th
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